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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Anti-Manner Deck Recipe

This is my main deck at this time...

This is the shining mode, hhe


Increase the attack of 1 monster your opponent control to the maximum value you can do by using some spell or trap cards, or maybe by effect monsters. After that, change it to attack position (if in defense position before). Then, just attack it by your magical reflect slime that has been treated as gemini monster. Your opponent take the damages and if that is not enough to defeat your opponent, just use Gemini Trap Hole to destroy all of your opponent monsters, then you can freely set up your next strategy (this combo highly recommend when your opponent has the strongest monster on his/her side of the field.


This is the combo to clean up your opponent's field. First, wait until you get all of the parts of your combo. Don't just give up because your lifepoints are in danger and set or summon one of the combo card. If all parts of the combo are in your hand, it's best to set Ryko, the lightsworn hunter first. In your next turn, i believe your hand is full of cards that you drew when waiting the moment. If you are ready, summon the Snipe hunter and use all of the cards that you have!!!


This is one of my best defensive combo that has the highest probability to win the duel even without destroying opponent's cards. You have many options to choose, the best is the combo of 3 Solar Flare Dragons. When you successfully summon 3 of them, get ready to protect them with magic or trap cards to destroy/negate cards that will destroys them without attacking because Level Limit-Area B is activated. Or, you want to try the combo of Volcano Queen, that will destroy his/her own monsters. Magical reflect slime can be a simple way to win, just attack all of your opponent's defense position monsters. If you want it fast, just use Raging Flame Sprite with some equip and attack your opponent's lifepoints directly.


c aizen said...

bahasa inggris anda bagus.

LLawliet said...

Thank you kak... ^^

Anonymous said...

wah angkatan bawah ngetrend yu gi oh ya? masih aja.
kartu2 gw masih ada tapi dah bukan bentuk deck lagi hahaha.

eh blog lo gw taro di link gw

LLawliet said...

Oke... Thengs yah... ^^