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Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Selingan Doang", Super Ability and Beauty Woman Character

Ni selingan doang, buat keinginan pribadi :p.
1. Ter-membingungkan: Boa Hancock,
2. Terpinter+Tercantik: Nico Robin,
3. Terkuat(fisik): Tsunade,
4. Ter-acting: Rukia Kuchiki,
5. Terbanyak ngomong: Misa amane,
6. Tersexy(pakaiannya): Lacus Clyne,
7. Terditunggu-tunggu: Momo Hinamori,
8. Terbokep: Kanu Unchou(temen gw nih, linknya jgn dibuka kalo gamau liat),
9. Ter-ga sabar: Nami,
10. Ter-ga jelas: Orihime Inoue,

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